Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Oil Spill in the North Saskatchewan River

As a result of the Husky Energy oil spill last week and with consultation and advice of the Ministry of Environment and the City of Prince Albert, Shekinah Retreat Centre will not be offering any water-based activities in the North Saskatchewan River until we receive confirmation that there is no longer a threat of contamination.

The oil spill only affects our water-based activities and has no impact on our drinking water supply as we draw our water from ground water through a well that is located on our property.

The health and safety of our campers and all who rent our facilities are our top priority and these precautions will remain in place until the relevant authorities have deemed it safe to utilise the river again.

We will be monitoring and testing our drinking water supply to ensure it remains safe throughout the duration of this contamination.

Shekinah Retreat Centre Board and Management

Monday, 18 July 2016

Children's 1: Psalms

Last week was our first week with campers this summer, and we had a blast! there was energy and enthusiasm and thoughtfulness! In our bible time, we talked about how to be a Co-Creator with God. We learned there are 5 steps: Naming, Studying, Care taking, Appreciating, and Praising. On the last day, our leaders had us create our own Psalms as an act of Praising the Maker for good creation! Here's what we wrote:

Psalm S.4
When Jesus died on the cross,
We suffered a great loss.
Rocks tumbled, thunder roared,
Mountains crumbles, rain poured,
Leaving our hearts covered
In moss

But as the sun cracked through the harsh black
A new light shone onto our Souls…

Everyone’s beautiful
Everyone’s fruitful
These are our new goals.

By Shanty 4

To the tune of “some chicken”
Well God made a little tree and I couldn’t make it grow
But I took good care and the next thing you know
Well the tree gave me air
And a new plant to sow
And now I see trees everywhere I go.

Do op Do op
Some creation
Do op Do op
Some Praise
Do op Do op
Some creation
And now I see trees everywhere I go

Well God made a little skunk who made me really mad
When he sprayed me up and down and I smelled so bad
But I gave him forgiveness
And he was so glad
Now we’re friends and I named him Vlad.

Do op Do op
Some creation
Do op Do op
Some praise
Do op Do op
Some creation
And now we’re friends and I named him Vlad!

By Shanty 5

Nature Psalm
For the trees that blow in the breeze
And for the river that cools our knees.
For the flowers that grow and bloom
And the birds that praise in tune.
For the sun that lights our days,
In you name we praise.
Thank you Lord for this place of fun,
Thank you Lord for everyone.

By Shanty 6

Palm 151
Thank you God for the river that flows
Thank you God for the berries that grow
We thank you for the songs that we sing
We thank you for the joy that you bring
Thank you for the food that we eat
That you for the people we meet
We thank you for the frogs on the ground
We thank you for the trees all around
Thank you for the deer than run
Thank you that the day’s begun
We thank you for the clouds in the sky
We thank you for the snakes so sly

By Shanty 7

Shekinah Psalm
The nature is powerful
Beautiful and untouched.
It frees you from the sins of man.
It is peaceful and quiet.
The sun brightens the land
The animals roam freely
The trees sway through the peaceful breeze.
God can lead us down new paths.
God makes all this possible
God brought beauty to the land.
Praise the maker.
All is balanced. All is good.

By Shanty 8

The Shekinah Psalm
The presence and glory of god is with us.
It is here in the colour of the butterfly’s wings
The presence is here in the twisting of the valleys and ravines.
The glory is here in the bending of the trees.
God is here in our relationships we have with each other
and with the nature around us.
The presence and glory of God is with us here at Shekinah
now and always will be.

By Shanty 10