Friday, 23 January 2015

Happy Birthday Shekinah!!

Hello hello!
On the one hand, I feel extremely inadequate being the one to write a birthday blog post to Shekinah. But on the other hand, I don’t think there are a whole lot of people who love birthdays more than I! Birthdays are wonderful. They are happy days where, for some reason, it’s easier to see things with a positive light. And events always seem to have more meaning if they happen on your birthday. For example, if a stranger buys you a coffee (or tea, or chocolate milk) on any old day of the year, that’s great. But if a stranger buys your coffee, or tea, or chocolate milk on your birthday… It is a life event that will be remembered for years and all credit is given to the universe for recognizing your birthday. The same goes for if you hear your favorite song on the radio. At least that’s how I see birthdays.
With that in mind, maybe it’s no wonder you may not have known today is Shekinah’s birthday. I think, when most people visit us at camp (whether it be during summer camp, with your school, or on a retreat of some kind), you get the same kind of birthday feel: happy days, life feels lighter, and it’s easy to see God’s work in a positive perspective. As you leave, you will most definitely remember that day for years to come, giving credit to the bigger plan for bringing you here, and thinking “it was good”. Or maybe you won’t describe it quite as I have.
Regardless of how you describe your experience at Shekinah, there is no doubt in my mind that if you are reading this, there is a good chance you are now thinking fondly of Shekinah and wanting to tell her to have a happy birthday! Or wanting to catch up with Shekinah and reminisce about the good times had. Or wanting tell her just how happy you are that she’s been a part of your life. And here’s the part where I feel inadequate writing the happy birthday post, because I certainly wasn’t around for the early years of Shekinah’s life. This year Shekinah turns 36, which means there are roughly 20 plus years that I can’t reminisce about. And while I could spill out stories from the past 10 years, I feel as though I do that too often, and I want to give you an opportunity to remember and share your own stories. So whether you choose to celebrate Shekinah’s birthday by remembering and giving thanks in solitude, posting a story or message in the comments below, or coming out to spend time here (Shameless plug for Winter Fun Day: February 16th!!), know that all of us are wishing you a very happy Shekinah’s-Birthday!!
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