Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Introducing our Summer Camp Leader!

Hello Campers and Parents, supporters and everyone who loves Shekinah!

We have some exciting news! We have a new camp leader for 2017! Here is our new Summer Camp Leader for 2017

Matt Schellenberg - Shekinah Summer Camp Leader

Go on Matt tell us a little about yourself!

"Hi! I'm Matt Schellenberg, taking up the post of Summer Camp Leader at Shekinah. I'm currently in my third year of a four year degree in music education degree at Canadian Mennonite University. Shekinah has given me some great memories. One of my favourites was looking out on the sunset from Lonesome Spruce for the first time. I hope to lend my skills as best I can to the camp I love, and help provide a space to feel the glory and presence of God. I'm ecstatic to now see Shekinah from this new point of view!"

If you know Shekinah and you have had any connection with summer camp you will already know Matt! He has been a part of the Shekinah family for pretty much the same amount of time as he has been a part of his own family! He has been a camper, CIT, counsellor and head counsellor at camp for multiple years. This guy loves camp, loves Shekinah and we are excited to have him on the team! His leadership, knowledge and experience will go a long way to making 2017 an awesome year at Shekinah so join me in welcoming Matt to the team and make sure you are a part of camp this year as well!

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